Sculpture Magazine

Alan Binstock, sculptor, yogi, and NASA architect uses his art to give shape to the spiritual and intellectual searching that has informed his life. His elegant Minimal forms are honed to a poetic accuracy that illuminates complex statements through form, contrasting materials and especially color. The purity of these forms is such that Binstock’s mellifluous combinations of steel and glass seem to have been born without his intervention.

Nancy Ungar

The Washington Post

Binstock, an artist architect and yoga devotee from Mt. Rainier, has had some outstandingly original, individual works in group shows around town over the past few years. The same can be said of this exhibition, his first solo show in a commercial gallery…Beautiful as the materials and craftsmanship are, it is the evocative power that makes “Orb” extraordinary. Through a sphere suspended between two rectangles, Binstock calls to mind simple and complex molecular structures, a planet locked in ice, the birth of the cosmos and intimations of the Godhead… He’s worth watching.

Ferdinand Protzman

The Washington Post

A compelling hybrid of the primitive and the futuristic, his stone and metal constructions explore what Binstock, a yoga-practicing architect, calls “dynamic tension.” Suspended or supported by elaborate steel frames and stands, the fragments of limestone, sandstone, flagstone and steatite hang in cantilevered balance, like arrowheads caught in mid-flight.

Michael O'Sullivan